Our Clients

98% Of all our jobs are referrals of one kind or another, so our work speaks for itself.

Here at Neadus Callus we have well over 1000 customers, these stretch across both domestic and commercial properties. Multiple multi national companies and well known brands have sought to protect their workers and their properties. These companies made the right choice and contracted us to ensure their security with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.
We have strong connections with all these clients and have numerously travelled across europe to offer our services on an international scale.   All our clients are cared for and a genuine interest and passion is shown by all our staff and engineers. We don't just become your contractors , We become your friend. 

Below are just a number of our well known Clients

Our Services

Burglar Alarm Systems

Nobody likes to feel vulnerable or at risk, with a home security system you can be guaranteed of your safety and the safety of your possessions and of course the most valuable possession, Your Family.

 With monitoring also available you can have the authorities on standby to be at your assistance in minutes a signal is sent to the 24hr control room, where an operator will contact the emergency services at the case of an activation or burglary

Fire Alarm Systems

As part of new E.U. and Irish law every home and business must have an adequate fire system to ensure the safety of those in the building and their belongings Fire detection systems are at the core of security systems, whether at home or in a business, these systems can be directly responsible for life and death.

 Expert engineers ensure that your fire alarm system will be designed and maintained to the latest safety standards - Irish Standard (IS 3218- 2009), This will allow you to relax as your property & belongings are protected

Access Control Systems

An access control system is a much more effective way to lock out wanderers or even burglars than a door locking system. Keys can be dropped, forgotten or even copied. However, when you use an access control system you are allowing entrance only by way of personal identification.

Therefore, no one but authorized employees or visitors would be allowed to enter the building in the first place. Secondly, an access control system can protect against the spread of confidential information


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems have become immensely popular for surveillance over large areas and homes. With one of these systems you can achieve a eagles eye iew of whatever you feel needs protection. CCTV consists of a system of cameras that continuously monitor and record footage for viewing on a close circuit television. In the case of a burglary or assault the footage obtained from the CCTV System can be used in investigations by ÁN Garda Síochana

 If You'd like to keep a close eye over the things you love the most from anywhere you are then a CCTV system is for you to ensure your safety and the safety of the things closest to you.